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Aug 30, 2010

1 Recipe 3 Cookies

The previous recipe for Soft, Chewy, Choc Chips Cookies can be improvised. It's all up to your imagination! From that 1 recipe, I've managed to make these 3 somewhat different textured and flavored cookies.... Smooth Regular Chocolate Chips , Chunky Choc with Walnuts and Chocolate Chips with Raspberry swirl.
I'm using a raspberry sauce given to me by Rowena, a student of mine who came back from her holidays to Australia. So sweet of her to remember I love mucking about in the kitchen.

Just put a small dollop of jam, about half a tsp, on top of the cookie dough and make swirls using the tip of a sharp pointed knife or a skewer. You can always substitute with any kind of jam or sweet fruit sauce or puree. But I have to tell you, the raspberry goes beautifully with the mocha flavors of this cookie.


  1. These all look so yummy, Ping! My jeans would get tight, too, it I had these around! YUM.

  2. Haha! Thanks, Lizzy! Now I look for trousers that have elastic tops :D

  3. I just love recipes that beg to be tweaked so this one will be a keeper, I'm sure! I sure do wish I didn't love cookies as much as I do - sigh...(I followed Lizzy here, by the way)

    1. Hi Cheryl! Nice of you to drop by. I have a weakness for cookies as well and a weakness for variety .... that's why I can never leave a basic recipe alone :D But that's a good thing, right?