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Sep 11, 2011

Passionfruit Jam Ice Cream

(Thank you everyone for helping get this to FoodBuzz Top 9)
* I also realized that this was posted on 9/11. So I dedicate this post to those who had lost their lives or was hurt in the tragedy, to those who were involved in the rescue in some way or another and to those who have lost loved ones in the event. You are all thought of and remembered even at this end of the world.

Scorching and humid. For the last couple of weeks it's been this way. You perspire just sitting down doing nothing. It's not a nice feeling. The ACs are on 24 hours a day, sometimes 2 - 3 units are going at the same time. Our utilities company is smiling all the way to the bank.

Well, they're not getting any of this.

This was good for this weather. Light, refreshing, tangy, not too creamy ... somewhere between a sorbet and an ice cream.

I used up the last bottle of passionfruit jam for this.

Sigh ... hope the ice cream outlasts this weather .. I doubt it. This is a very small portion. It nicely filled a 480ml container.

For this recipe and instructions, please refer to the Strawberry Jam Ice Cream post. Just substitute the strawberry jam for the passionfruit jam and you're good to go. I used the 2nd recipe with the milk option so that it's not so cloyingly rich. But if you'd prefer a creamier version, feel free to use the 1st option using just cream.

Also, if you want a smoother texture, take the ice cream out of the freezer before it freezes solid and give it a quick whirr with an electric beater to break up the ice crystals. Put it back in the freezer. Do this a couple of times. This is if you're not using an ice cream maker (I don't have one and at the moment, I don't feel a need to have one). Leave to freeze overnight.

If you find it a little hard to scoop, allow to thaw a few minutes and enjoy!

Note: I saved some jam for the topping. Good stuff!


  1. Wow, this looks so good. I can just about get the creamy tang of it from here! Bon courage for the weather. If it makes you feel better it's raining cats and dogs here!

  2. I've been planning to make ice cream using this quick and easy method but haven't yet. Soon I hope. Offer your ice cream to the utilities company if they offer discounted rates, it may work:)

  3. I cant wait to taste it....will surely try this...

  4. Do visit my blog whenever u r free..and pass ur valuable comments and suggestions to improve it

  5. Luckily we are starting to cool off here. You have inspired me to try making ice cream with no machine

  6. This looks amazing! Might have to whip this up before the cold temperatures permanently settle in =)

  7. i like jams! though haven't tasted yet passionfruit jam, now you made me wonder how the taste is :) but it sure looks good! nice photo!

    Have a great week!

  8. Beautiful looking ice-cream! Don't talk to me about AC though. The units in our office are about the least efficient things I've ever seen. There's about 1 unit per 3 or 4 people and they *never* seem capable of getting rid of the heat in there, but I guess that my office does probably have a larger than average amount of computer hardware to be fair.

  9. So beautiful, Ping...your jam makes such a pretty topping!!! Great idea to use jam to flavor ice cream :)

  10. Ping, I agree with you, the weather is crazy hot when it does not rain here. I can feel the sun burns my skin when I am out and about. It will be a treat to return home to have a scope, no, a double scopes of your passion fruit jam ice cream. Creamy not not, I don't care, I want! The close up shot is lovely!

  11. Jill: Oh, I love the rain! I wish it would over here. But never mind, all the more reason to make more ice cream. :D

    3Cookies: Haha! Or I may get arrested for trying to bribe them :P

    Roshu: Nice to meet you, Roshu. I will be visiting your blog soon. Thanks for dropping by.

    The Culinary Lens: Lucky you. Even when it's cooler here, it's still humid. Good reason to eat ice cream the whole year round.

  12. Peggy: Hello! Do try it out and let me know how you like it. Btw, I love having ice cream in winter .. well, during my younger days anyway. The lips get all numb and I go kissing the family with icy lips! Weird, I know ... sigh.

    Lilly: Hi there! Yes, you're so right, summer in every bite! One could drag out summer for a little longer with this then. Thanks for the visit!

    Amanda: Thanks, Amanda. :D

    Pinoy Kitchenette: Really? Well, if you like tart-ish jams, you should try this ... it's gooood. :D

    Charles: Thank you. Haha! Yeah, I would think your office ACs are overworked rather than inefficient. Maybe you could bring some ice cream over to cool down then?

    Lizzy: Thanks, Lizzy. Yes, I prefer to use jam to make my ice creams. I've found they produce less ice crystals and makes a smoother ice cream.

    QPC: Thanks, Veronica. It has been terrible these couple of days isn't it? .. doesn't help my flu either. Ice cream is good for sore throats, right? No? Who cares .... :D Hey, you mentioned getting a new ice cream machine. Have you made some already? Looking forward to your ice cream posts.

  13. Wow.. this is great Ping.. sorry for my absence to check out on ur page.. as usual.. this one is bookmarked too ^,^

  14. Hi Citra! Not a problem, you must have been very busy with the holidays and celebrations. I have been too with visiting relatives and friends. Thanks for making the effort to visit each time. It means a lot to me.

  15. Hi ping, congratulations on the top 9. Hope you won't forget us as you head towards stardom:) BTW maybe the utility company will change its mind regarding rates:)

  16. Ping...congrats !!! this is a winner alright ! I love passionfruit ice cream too...yummy !

  17. 3Cookies: Thank you, Sir. Stardom?! *Hysterical laughter*!! Now if foodbuzz gives out $$ to those who get to top9 ... I'd still won't be a superstar ... sigh. But it'll be a great incentive tho. HELLO! Foodbuzz folks, are you listening to this?!
    And to let you know, I wouldn't even reach top9 if it wasn't for all of you here and those who buzzed me. So, forget, I definitely shall not.

    Elin: Hi there, Elin. Thank you. I love passionfruit anything! LOL It's a great fruit isn't it? Such a lovely fragrance ... mmmm.

  18. Ping-I am totally drooling for your amazing passionfruit jam ice cream. It is so incredibly creamy, and with the cute spotted jam, just so lovely, almost too pretty to eat...I take that back! Now, pass the ice cream please:DDD Hot, and muggy here in S. Florida, as well!
    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  19. Haven't tried passionfruit flavored ice cream! After seeing this, I realized I've been missing a lot!

  20. Congrats on the top 9! This looks so yummy!

  21. New follower. Congrats on top 9. I popped the link to this in my ice cream sunday weekly picks. Fab recipe!

  22. Elisabeth: Hello dear. Come on over. I'll make you some.

    Tina: Hello, Tina. I believe Haagen Dazs has a mango/passionfruit flavored ice cream. Perhaps you'd like a taste test before you decide if you're going to like it? But of course, I doubt mine will be able to compare with their quality. Besides, this isn't the full cream recipe. And the mango would add a slightly different flavor to it too. Best thing to do ... make some :D

    Dee Dee's Delights: Thank you. And thanks for dropping by.

    Kim Bee: Thank you very much. And for linking me too :D

  23. Ping, how I wish I could play with passionfruit jam making! I would then serve it with every second dessert at least :-) I love so much the passionfruit's tanginess and elegant taste...
    Thank you once more for passing me the awards!

  24. Hi Ping, Congrats on top 9. I've been longed to trying making ice-cream. Passionfruit ice-cream is my favourite, I should try your recipe.

  25. Sissi: Yes, they do have the most beautiful scent, those fruits. I'm sorry you don't get them cheap over there. I wonder if you can find canned passionfruit pulp? That might be a good alternative and perhaps less expensive.

    Veronica's Kitchen: Thanks very much, Veronica. Do try it out and let me know if you like it. You might want to add some sugar while whipping up the cream if you like your ice cream sweet. This is a little more tart than normal store bought ones.