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Mar 20, 2014

Just Plain (Rice) Talk

You know, the average Malaysian is spoilt rotten. 
Myself included. 
We’re blessed with all the latest and greatest electronic gadgets that promise to cut time short, make life simpler … work, cook etc….yeah right.
Anyway, I’m talking about our very-taken-for-granted rice cooker. I’m quite surprised that something that you’d probably receive 7 units of at your wedding as a gift over in this part of the world, is such a rarity in the average mat salleh’s (foreigner) household. 
Why am I talking about cooking rice? 
It’s so simple right? Not worth blogging about. But hey … take away the rice cooker and our fellow Malaysians would probably be at their wits end. You can only take that much instant noodles.

I found myself in a situation where I didn’t have the luxury of a rice cooker.
Googled for the correct ratio of rice to water. Most of the instructions (if not all) come from cooks in the western countries. Yeah … but of course … no rice cooker at home right?
But they seem to like their rice a little softer than how we like it here … of course that all depends of the type of rice you use as well.

Let’s just talk plain, unassuming jasmine rice. The type that plain, unassuming people like me eat daily… well… almost daily … ok ok … once a week. But then, I’m not your average Malaysian either.

After a couple of crusty, crunchy, sometimes porridgy (is there such a word?) meals …. I’ve come to a ratio that’s pretty much how I like it.

Aww … seriously?! Ok ok …

Uncooked jasmine rice, rinsed

No, we don’t put a pinch of salt 

Ratio of 2:1, Water to Rice

(I usually just cook 1 cup of rice, so this ratio works perfectly. I haven’t tried it with a larger amount …. yet).


Place rinsed rice and water into a deep dish microwave safe container. (I used a glassware deep casserole dish).
Cook on high for 20 mins. 
(I cook for 10 mins, check to see if it’s blown up, and then continue for another 10 mins, without stirring)
When cooked, remove from microwave oven (be careful of hot steam). Fluff with a fork and serve hot with your favourite condiments.

So simple. Not worth blogging about. 


  1. Hi Ping, you're back :) believe it or not, I only learned about cooking rice using the microwave about 10years ago from my aunt who lives in Australia. here we grew up using the rice cooker. Anyhow, she taught me to cook rice on 70% for 18min uncovered, then 100% for 2 min covered. Always works.

    1. Hi Esther. I'm kinda back ... :)
      Thanks for dropping by.'d never think of alternatives until a need crops up!

  2. I guess most Asian housewives would go for a panic attack if the rice cooker is not working. The invention of it makes our lives so much easier that we can concentrate on other things rather than worrying burning the rice! Just as we relay it so much, we simply lost the basic cooking skill to make boiled rice! It's better to keep a spare one in the pantry, just in case!

    1. Haha! Altho I seriously doubt anyone would even attempt this method if their cooker breaks down. Just drive to the nearest store and grab another!

  3. Welcome back!
    This recipe is no good for me, I don't own a microwave but have access to rice and water. But I appreciate your effort:)
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Mr T.
      Hmm ... I wonder how they warm up gamburgers there? Woodstoves? You can cook rice over a wood fire ... lovely smokey flavor!

  4. Gamburger usually comes straight off the grill. Rice from a wood fired oven?
    Really looking forward to your next post - how to toast bread without a toaster:)
    Sorry for being mean!

    1. Toasting bread without a toaster is actually quite the popular thing here now...over a charcoal grill. I'll have to find you a pic ...
      Nah ... you ain't mean ... just a little misinformed. :)

    2. Check this out

  5. simple and yet many doesnt know . cant cook without rice cooker :p

  6. Hey Ping! You are back! I am hopeless without the rice cooker. My grandma, my mum and my aunt can cook rice over the stove. But me, no. I haven't tried but I know I will burn the rice. Microwave? It would surely explode tee...hee...

    1. Hiya! Thanks for the lovely welcome :)
      Nah ... I'm sure you can when you have to. If I can, anybody can !!