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Oct 30, 2014


The Great Pumpkin is gonna be so sore at me. I seem to have eaten all of my pumpkins and left none to carve and welcome halloween in. 
Shhh…don’t tell him what this is …. it’s a pumpkin in its halloween costume…yeah…that’s it.
They’re getting really good at make-up and their costumes these days, don’t ya think? Great disguise!

Anyway…have a Happy Halloween y’all !!
Enjoy the season with it’s wonderful gorgeous colours which we (in this part of the world) can only visualise unless somebody forgets to water their garden.

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  1. Hi Ping! I don't know much about Halloween (and too lazy to Google, hah!) and my knowledge is confined to American TV. Kids going around the neighbourhood ding dong ding dong asking for candies. Anyway, this Halloween thing is catching on here (not the kiddos demanding for sweets, thank God!) among the young and young at heart with parties being thrown here and there. And thanks to the frequent rain, I will have no idea how fall looks like. Have a good one!