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Jul 4, 2015

Some Kinda Korean

Fresh, clean, simple flavors.
Just perfect for hot, humid days. 

I called it “Some Kinda Korean” so as not to have someone come after me telling me it’s not.
I used a Korean Beef Bulgogi Marinade. That’s all.
I love the simplicity of their summer dishes. It’s more of a salad. 
Easy, light, refreshing ….. preparation is easy too. My fav kind.


Beef slices (for stir frying)
Beef Bulgogi Marinade (bottled, any brand will do)
Dash of sesame oil
White vinegar
Ground white pepper

Carrots, julienned
Spinach, cut into about 2” lengths (or your preferred greens)
Toasted sesame seeds

Oil for stir frying

* I don’t have exact measurements for this. Just use enough marinade sauce to coat beef generously. The vinegar was added to compliment the sweetness of the sauce. 


Toss beef slices with the bulgogi marinade sauce, dash of sesame oil, dash of vinegar and ground white pepper into a baggy or container. Coat beef well with the marinade. 
Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Blanch carrots and spinach (or just have them raw if you prefer. I like blanching the carrots as it makes it a little sweeter in flavor.)
Drain the veges.

Heat a little oil in the pan.
Stir fry the marinaded beef and remove from pan once cooked. Leaving it too long will make it tough to chew. 
If you have some liquid left from the marinade, add it to the pan and cook it down to a thick syrupy consistency. Otherwise, simply pour a small amount of bulgogi sauce from the bottle and heat through. Spoon over cooked beef.

Serve beef and veges over fluffy rice or just as a salad on it’s own. 
Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top and devour!


  1. Hi Ping, how you doin'? Your Korean comfort dish so simple but very inviting. Great appetizer or for light lunch. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend. regards.

  2. Simple and delicious...this is exactly what I would love for my lunch! Thanks for sharing, Ping.

  3. Hey Ping! Whatever kind of Korean, I'm in. I love Korean food and I have a weakness for beef bulgogi!

  4. Sounds delicious I will give it a try.