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Nov 13, 2010

Egg White Biscotti

Biscotti. (noun) plural for 'Biscotto'. Definition: crisp cookie or biscuit. Language: Italian.
Origin: medieval latin - 'Biscotus'. Definition: twice baked / twice cooked.

Today, we associate the word with those teensy-weensy wafer thin cookies that accompany that fancy-pricey cup of coffee. Historically, 'biscotti' defined oven baked goods that were baked twice so that they were very dry and could be stored for long periods of time. The storage part doesn't necessarily apply in my home as it seems to disappear just as quickly as it's made...
It's quite addictive, and since this recipe isn't too sweet and doesn't contain any egg yolk, it's a healthy snack for anytime of the day ... unless you're allergic to nuts.

Happy munching!

LOAF TIN: L8" X W4" X H4"
Oil tin and line base and sides with parchment


125 g mixed nuts of your choice, lightly toasted and cooled
(I used 50g almonds & 75g unsalted pistachios)
3 egg whites
1/2 cup caster sugar
3/4 cup plain flour, sifted


Preheat oven to 180˚C.
Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Add sugar gradually, beating constantly until mixture turns thick and glossy and all sugar has dissolved.
Add sifted flour and nuts. Gently fold together until well combined.
Spread into prepared tin and smooth the surface.
Bake for 30 mins or until the top is very lightly browned. Remove from oven and cool in tin.
When cooled, preheat oven to 160˚C.
Using a sharp serrated knife or an electric knife, slice loaf into thin slices.
Spread slices onto lined baking trays and bake for 8 mins, turn slices over and bake a further 8 mins, or until they turn lightly golden and crisp.
Cool completely before storing in an airtight container.
Sit back, have a couple of pieces with a cuppa java.


  1. Hi Ping! I think your biscotti look wonderful, even if nobody else does! :D I've never made them before, and in honour of your poor lonely biscotti I'll use this recipe as a guide when I finally get around to making my own!

  2. I must say you are completely right: these biscotti look like they merit more attention and appraisal!

  3. Charles & Sissi: Aww ... thanks you two. That's so sweet of you. You've both made my biscotti very happy indeed :D

  4. I received a food basket that had a cookie in it, called almondina...I have looked all over for a recipe for this cookie. I think your biscotti looks exactly like the cookie I have been looking for. I will definitely be making them. Beautiful biscotti!

  5. Hello Kathy. I checked out Almondina and yes, they do look very much like mine.... don't know about the taste tho. I'm glad I could help out. Enjoy!

  6. Hi.. I tried making them and they are heavenly.. This recipe is for keeps and thanks for sharing!

    1. Oooh.... I'm so happy you've made it and liked it! You're most welcome!

  7. I will bookmark your recipe in case I m gonna try making biscotti myself.

    Perfect for afternoon tea! Yummm...

    1. Hi Yee Ling! Thanks for commenting so quickly :)
      I must warn you tho, takes a reaaallly sharp knife to slice through the nuts.