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Nov 9, 2010

The Verdict: Korean Noodles

And now, we have THE verdict. The verdict to this interesting but crazy post from Babe in the City - KL. Check it out here.
The Korean drama series on tv seem to be the latest craze these days and apparently this dish/concoction was featured in one of the episodes.
The recipe called for Shin Ramyun noodles, a slice of cheddar cheese, one egg and potato crisps. Weird, isn't it? And if this wasn't weird enough, I had to add a little more weirdness to it.
Since I hadn't any Shin Ramyun noodles, but had some other brand of Korean Kimchi noodles, I used that, together with a lonely and neglected Thüringer Bratwurst (some fancy name for a pork sausage I bought from a gourmet deli) that was sitting in the fridge. I've never been able to eat instant noodles by itself without adding some kind of meat and vegetable, so this is a great opportunity to clear out my fridge. And since I also didn't have any cheese slices, I used the shredded cheddar that I was saving up for a pizza. Oh, I didn't have potato crisps either, but that's not a big deal coz I had some tortilla chips! Add the cheese just as the noodles are about done, stir in the egg, add a handful of shredded baby romaine, top with the tortillas.....
What's weird is...I actually thought it was quite nice! It's rich, creamy and robust with maybe just a tinge of too much saltiness due to the cheese and tortillas, which can be remedied by not putting all of the contents in the seasoning sachet that comes with the noodles. Otherwise, it's an interesting cocktail of flavors. I wouldn't have this too often tho....all that MSG and salt. Be ready with some glasses of water.
Oh...and my apologies for having no pic. I was really hungry.

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  1. LOL just like everyone else's verdict, WEIRD but NICE! YAY!!!