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Jun 10, 2015

Tomato Cream Pasta Sauce

How the heck do you make a blob look good?!

Anyway…this was a spur of the moment “I-need-food-and-crave-something-sweet-yet-sour-and-savory”. It’s simple, deliciously satisfying and I am now sharing it with you, ugly, blobby pic or not.

It’s all about the sauce so I’m not getting into the meatballs which you can see (if you squint very intently) contributing to the blobbiness of the blob. I needed something a little more substantial than plain old pasta, even as good a sauce as this …. I need meat! Besides, gotta replace whatever I lost after this morning’s tough workout. Now I’m nicely padded again ….. sigh.

This was cooked by “feel”, as in, no precise measurements, just by my tastebuds. But I shall attempt to give you the amounts …. just an estimate. Taste as you go along. 


250g tomato puree
1 large onion
4 -5 large cloves garlic
about 2 tbs grated parmesan cheese
salt & sugar, to taste 
200g cream

Chopped herbs


Chop onion and garlic.
Heat oil and butter.
Saute chopped onion and garlic.
Pour in tomato paste.
Stir and simmer gently for a few minutes. 
Add parmesan. 
Taste and add salt and sugar as needed. (I’d used about 1/2 tsp salt and about 1 tbs sugar - this depends on how salty the parmesan is. So, tasting the sauce after adding the parmesan is important).
Remove from heat and cool a little before stirring in the cream.
Serve with prepared pasta of choice and a sprinkling of freshly chopped herbs …. and meatballs, if you prefer. 


  1. Hi Ping! That's a good looking blob I would say, though I can only see a sliver of it. I have seen quite a number of pasta dishes lately and have been wanting to cook some but haven't quite got down to it. Will KIV this one too!

    1. Hey PH, why thank you kindly :)
      Just a note ... you might want to reduce the amount of cream if you prefer it less rich. Hope you like this if you ever try it out.

  2. Tomato cream is fantastic. I haven't had it in a long while. Thanks for the reminder.
    You can make a blob look good by making the photo narrow and long:)