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Aug 29, 2011

Vanilla Custard

This was made to go with the Spotted *ahem* in the last post.
Ok, ok, I'm no prude ... Spotted Dick, it was. You should have read what Veronica of Quay Po Cooks commented and a suggested name ... hilarious!

I think ... no, scrap that .... I'm definitely happier with the custard than the pudding. But there will be another post on the pudding soon. I won't give up til I get it right.

This is a no-fail recipe (can't say the same for the blinking pudding) and so simple to make and a very versatile topping to any dessert. Any leftovers and you can even turn it into a french-styled vanilla custard ice cream.
This makes a good 1 cup-and-a-bit of runny / pouring custard.
Feel free to double the recipe.

Check out those lovely specks of vanilla seeds!


250 ml whole milk
150 ml cream
3 egg yolks
40 g sugar
1 vanilla pod


In a saucepan, combine milk, cream and whole vanilla pod.
Bring to almost boiling and reduce heat to simmer for 10 mins.
Remove from heat.
In a separate bowl, whip egg yolks and sugar until pale in color.
Remove vanilla pod from milk and set aside.
Add hot milk to egg yolk mixture, a little at a time, whisking continuously as you go along.
Once all the milk has been incorporated, pour mixture back into the saucepan.
Split the vanilla bean into half lengthways, scrape the seeds and add it to the egg mixture.
On medium heat, keep stirring until custard is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.
Remove from heat.
Serve with your favorite dessert.

*Note: Custard will thicken a little more while cooling.
For a slightly thicker custard, heat a little longer but be careful as it may curdle.


  1. woww.. this is super Ping ! ..thx for sharing this, I like it ^,^
    And those pictures are beautiful!

  2. Hi Citra! Wow, you're quick! Thank you!

  3. Damn that looks goooooood, Ping, so good! Reminds me of Sunday lunches back home as a child :) By the way, I hope you didn't waste the vanilla pod afterwards, or, if you did, here's a great tip for next time - after scraping out the seeds and cooking it in the custard you can rinse off any remaining custard, pat the pod dry and seal the pod in a small tin or air-tight container with some sugar... about 100g is usually a good amount, shaking every so often. After 4 weeks or so you have 100g of beautiful, home-made vanilla sugar to add to your dishes :)

  4. Very nice pictures, I love custard sauce. I didn't think the spotted dick was a failure, it was different than expected but still delicious I guess. However since this is your post and you made the spotted dick, your opinion counts:)

  5. Happy Belated 1st Blogversary Ping. It was a hilarious name suggested by Veronica as an alternative to Spotted Dick. I never knew of such a dessert but hearing a name like that would make me want to try it although I might just think of all things obscene while eating it.
    This vanilla custard looks really yummy and would probably go well with anything dick or not.

  6. Charles: It was goooood, Charles and so simple to make ... a very dangerous thing. Hey thanks for the great tip about the used pod. Yes, I do that most times, either into sugar or into my jar of homemade vanilla extract.

    3Cookies: Thanks much! I guess if I called it Spotted Scone and claimed it was what I intended it to be, it would be fine. But I wouldn't want some die-hard Englishman getting all hot and bothered about me killing their traditional pudding recipe. :P

    Kiddothings: Hello again! Thanks for the wishes. Haha ... luckily I didn't make it to its intended shape.

  7. "But I wouldn't want some die-hard Englishman"
    Or Englishwoman?:)

  8. This looks so delicious and perfect to go with the Spotted Dick. Haha! Yummy!

  9. Your custard looks perfect. I also always put real vanilla pods so that the spots are well visible. Somehow it tastes better with the visible vanilla presence ;-)

  10. Pretend Chef: Hi Rochelle. Thanks!

    Sissi: Yup ... definitely must have the real thing, visual or otherwise ... we're vanilla snobs!

  11. Oh my god Ping that shot is amazing. How do you do it? I have such a hard time trying to hold things and take pictures! My camera is just not meant to be used left handed. :(

    But your custard - perfect. I could probably eat this without the little treasure it was supposed to top.

  12. yummy, if only vanilla pods are easily available and cheap too!

  13. Kita: It helps when you have 3 arms :D .... I had some help ... and a lot of luck! If this custard had a thicker consistency it would've been a whole lot easier.

    babe_kl: They're not that hard to come by these days. I found some good ones at a baking store in kepong. Oh yeah, you're right, the good ones aren't cheap.

  14. ping:
    I wonder this goes well with any chocolate cake/slices or brownie right? :-)


  15. Yin: Hello there! Nice to see you again. You've been awol for awhile holidaying? Yes, this sauce is very versatile indeed. Goes with practically anything. You can flavor it to anything you like besides the vanilla. Thanks for coming by.

  16. Congratulations on your 1st blog anniversary Ping!
    and what a nice finger lickin' vanilla custard you have here :) it really goes well with that spotted *ahem* (you made me laugh with that suggestive name too). Can i replace vanilla pod with vanilla powder?

  17. Pinoy Kitchenette: Thank you! Yes, you can replace it with any flavor you like.

  18. Hi Ping-I love your vanilla custard! Will save the amazing recipe! No wonder it's spotted...just look at those amazing vanilla pod spots...awesome:DDD
    I have two awards for you, it's your choice if you would like to take one, or both and pay it forward. You are a wonderful friend, and you truly deserve it!

  19. Hello dear Elisabeth. Haha! Yes, I didn't think about the custard being spotted as well as the pudding! LOL
    Thank you very much for the awards. I will put it up soon and pay it forward. You are always so generous. Hugs!

  20. Ping, I have been trying to make some decent ice cream since I got my little ice cream machine last month. The first time, I got the taste right but the text is too rough. Two evenings ago, I used the egg yolks left from making macarons to make another batch of vanilla ice cream. This time, the taste is right still and the texture not sandy but after freezing it is icy lah!! Any advice?? I am going to attempt with your custard recipe and see if my ice cream will come out creamy. I will return to let you know:D Oh thanks for the mention about the alternative name I gave to your Spotted Dick hehe ... OOPS, did I just say something obscene again? Enjoy your weekend my dear.

  21. Hi Veronica. You got yourself an ice cream machine? That's great! Which did you get? I can't find many to choose from so I'm just waiting to see if there'll be more choices til I get myself one but so far I've been quite satisfied with the ice cream I'd made w/o it. Of course it's not as smooth as the commercial ones since they normally use powdered egg etc. You'd have to give your ice cream a churn every now and then to break up the ice crystals. The more you churn, the smoother it gets. And I've found that using less liquid produces less ice so the ones made with fruit jam and the ones made with pudding or purely cream w/o milk works better but I like the slight bite, not overly smooth. I was going to post the ice cream made from this custard but it got finished so quickly (I didn't have much to start off with) I couldn't manage a pic. Guess will have to make another batch soon :D Hope this helps.

  22. As I said before, Ping, I love your photos. This one is amazing!

  23. something_good: Thanks so much! That means a lot to me :D

  24. This custard sounds wonderful! And the perfect accompaniment to the spotted dick. Although I would be happy serving it with fruit!

  25. Happy blogoversary! and thank you SO much for sharing this recipe. I LOVE (all caps) vanilla custard in any form - sauce, ice cream, filling, you name it. Will have to try this soon!

  26. The Daily Dish: Thank you! Do try it out and let me know how you like it. Enjoy!