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Aug 19, 2013

A Bread Story

A friend suggested I should just go to bakeries and write about bread, pastries and whatever bakes they sell and the stuff I’ve sampled. Heck … why not … gives me a good enough reason to eat. And I do like bread.

I’m not here to criticize the quality but more so on the variety and the service of the places I visit.

You do realize that good service makes the food taste a whole lot better? Well, it makes a world of a difference to me anyway. Sour faced waiters and cashiers make everything taste ugh. Why they’re in the service industry is beyond me …

Bread Story at the new wing of 1Utama … the usual array of breads, buns and pastries ….

Friend and I picked out a couple of goodies including what I thought was a banana chocolate muffin  …. it was labelled as such. Ordered a couple of drinks to go with and sat down to enjoy our pickings. Stabbed into the muffin and out oozed a gooey mass of blueberry-looking jelly. Hmm …. Banana, chocolate muffin with blueberry goo …. Okaaay. *scratch head* . Stared at it for a couple of stunned seconds and decided to ask the manager what that was suppose to be. She said “blueberry muffin”. Hah!! Labelled wrong. Now the gist of this story is about good PR. Lady manager apologised, walked off and came back with the correct muffin and said it’s on the house. Didn’t even take away the blueberry muffin. Well, it was pretty massacred anyway …

I know that was just a muffin, but in this selfish world today …. sometimes a small kind gesture makes a world of difference to someone’s crappy day.

Go ahead. Have a muffin. Have a great day.




  1. Hey, Ping! You are back! Yipeeeee!!!! I have tried Bread Story before and it was just OK for me. It has been years since I bought anything there. I did notice that they love to put chicken floss on everything (at that time lah). Yes, wrong labelling is very common, I noticed. Once at Cold Storage bakery section, I picked up a supposed Beef Rendang Pie and when I went home I discovered that it was an ordinary pie. Grrr!!!!

    1. Hey you :)
      Thanks for being here.
      Honestly, this was my first time at Bread Story. Wasn't too impressed with the variety and like you said .. meat floss all over. Haha!
      Well, it was just the pleasant experience I was happy about.

  2. Ping, you're back :) i quite like the variety at bread story, but dont go often since i can make my own breads now. Hope to read more postings from you !

    1. Hi Esther. Thanks for the support.
      Yeah...baking your own breads is the way to go. Knowing that the stuff we put in are not anything that I can't pronounce or need a scientific dictionary to refer to ...and still can't pronounce.

  3. Welcome back from hibernation:)
    I suppose when businesses turn bad incidents/experiences into positive experience they significantly increase customer loyalty. In your case I guess you have a positive impression of this place in spite of the mislabeling.
    BTW this new 'business line' of yours focusing on bread reviews seems to be paying you dividends, buy one muffin, get one free:)

    1. Yawn....
      Hey there Mr T.
      Good of you to drop by my cave. loyalty from this customer .. didn't think the muffins and buns were that great. It was just a good experience worth mentioning after having read and experience so much crap in the world.

  4. Did I commented on the wrong post? How come it does not appear here? AIYAH!! Hey welcome back. Missed all your lovely food photos and your witty posts. The person who labelled the muffin wrong may be our twin sister! Is her name Lucy also? LOL!