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Jul 22, 2015

Overnight Oats

Some folks just don’t like eating oats. I’ve been told it’s boring.
Well …. YOU are boring. 
Oats are so boring you can actually make it very interesting. 

Growing up, mum used to dump an egg, milk and honey in my oats, cook it to a custardy yumminess and serve it to a delighted me. Don’t go eeww … custard IS made with eggs.

Just last week, a visiting good friend was talking about overnight oats. That triggered a childhood craving for oats …. but with a new and modern, healthy twist … no cooking and raw.

You know, it saves a ton of time in the morning. Just prepare it the night before and it’ll be nice and ready when you’re rushing for time the next morning. 
It’s yummy and keeps you energised til lunch …. sometimes I still don’t feel hungry at lunchtime and just have a light snack. How good is that? And that’s even after a tough 2-hour tennis game. Of coz that also depends on how much of the oats you consume.

This is my portion …
(I use a 200 ml jam jar)

3 - 4 heaped tbs rolled oats
1 tsp chia seeds (this makes it gooey. I love gooey oats …. oats are meant to be gooey. You can omit this if you don’t want it gooey. It’ll be a little coarser. I’m not a horse. I don’t like coarse and gritty down my throat)
1 tsp honey
1 good pinch of cinnamon
milk (filled to about 3 quarters of the jar)

Stir everything together and then add the fruits. You can also add the fruits just before eating.

diced peaches

Put the lid on and leave in the refrigerator overnight. 
Yeah … overnight …. why do you think it’s called OVERNIGHT oats?

Tons of options:

Almond / soy milk
Yogurt (dilute a little)
Other spices
Chocolate chips / syrup
Cocoa powder
Your fav fruit
Whatevers ……

DO NOT be boring


  1. This is my favourite breakfast! Easy, healthy and fast!

  2. Hey Ping! I am addicted to these overnight oats lah! I used to hate oats - back then it was oats steeped in hot water - yucks, yucks, yucks. But when I tried overnight oats, everything changed. I like them with multigrain soya milk and yeah, chia seeds and sometimes bananas! Love the sweet ooey gooey goodness. So finally I can say with conviction that oats are good!

  3. Hi Ping, heard so much about this overnight oats but I yet to give it a try, Used to take oats but cooked with egg and sugar, that's the only way I like it. But later got sick of it then stop for a while,
    Maybe I should try this overnight oats. :))

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.