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Jan 15, 2011

My Latest Squeeze: Soy Milk

Nope ... no hot gossip. Just literally "my latest squeeze", as in, hand-squeezed soy bean milk. I know it's such a dinosaur-age method and I do have a soy milk maker that grinds, boils and filters (all-in-one) but somehow (I can't quite put my finger on it) it doesn't taste right. Or maybe my machine isn't as good as it claimed to be...

So for a long while now, it's been sitting in storage,... oh wait, have I given it away? Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway. I've resorted to making it this way, not really prehistoric, since I'm using the blender (hehe) but squeezing out the goodness with a cloth strainer bag. Good finger exercise.

I like my soy milk rich but feel free to dilute with more water if you like.

Included in this recipe is a simple syrup flavored with pandan ... a tip handed down through the generations, to mask the beany taste of the beverage.

Makes about 2 liters.


300 g soy beans, soaked overnight

1 1/2 cups water to every 2 cups of soaked beans


Give the soaked beans a light rubbing to remove as much of the loose skin as possible.

Blend every 2 cups of beans with 1 1/2 cups of water. Pour small amounts at a time into cloth strainer bag, give it a twist to close off the top (so that there'll be no accidental spurts of juice and paste) and squeeze out the milk into a large pot.

Put aside residue. Continue until all beans are used up (each time saving the residue for a second squeeze).

Add another 1 1/2 cups of water to every 2 cups of the residue, blend and squeeze again.

Discard pulp.

Bring the milk to a rolling boil and remove from heat.

Add simple syrup to taste. Can be served hot or cold.


1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 pandan / pandanus leaf


Put both sugar and water into a small pot. Knot the pandan leaf and place it into the pot together with the sugar and water. Heat pot over medium heat for about 10 mins or until sugar has dissolved completely. Discard pandan leaf.


  1. I think it's so cool you're making this yourself!

  2. Wow that's so healthy - your own soy milk! and then you can make super-healthy smoothies with it! good job Ping!!

  3. 3Cookies: :D

    Christina: Takes a bit of work but well worth. You gotta at least try it once.

    Alina: Yup, very versatile beans.

    Torviewtoronto: Thanks! :D

  4. home made soy milk - golden resource for us as the soy milk we find in store here is not so good.
    we make also cheese in house, butter and other milk products as we want them fresh and tasty

  5. Something_good: Yes, I agree, fresh is always better.

  6. Fabulous healthy drink with a delightful pandan flavor!!!! Wow Ping, I am just thrilled with this post. I have always wanted to make this at home but kept postponing it. Thanks for this invaluable reminder! We are making this pronto! Happy New Year to you!!!!

  7. Michelangelo: Hi! Happy New Year! Nice to hear from you again.

  8. oooh, yum! i bet this is so much tastier than the stuff from the store: i'm totally making some for my vegan friends...

  9. I would prefer the old fashioned matter :) It is much tastier when it is homemade :) but I am too lazy to blend and squeeze now...age catching up now hahaha but your soy milk do look thick and nice :) Great job done :)

  10. Thanks Elin. Yeah, it does take a bit of work esp the squeezing bit. My fingers were a little sore the next day but well worth it and I do a small amount at a time. :p

  11. I never would have thought of making my own soy milk. Neat idea!

  12. Thank goodness my wet market here has a stall that makes really good pure and thick soy milk :p

  13. Ping-You're a genius. I would never think of making soy milk home made. So healthy, and delicious.
    Congratulations...really, seriously, I'm so intrigued by your great talent!

  14. Elisabeth: Aww ... thanks. *blush*

  15. Hi ping, I did some squeezing today also, was fun. And I made soy milk also:) Kidding:)

    "1 1/2 cups water to every 2 cups of soaked beans"
    I wonder whether it should be other way round? I used 2½ cups of water for every cup of soaked beans

  16. Hi Mr T. Fancy seeing you here :D
    Well, it's really up to how thick you like your soy milk to be. I never did like the overly diluted ones sold in the shops.