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Jan 22, 2011

Review: Food & Wine Pairing @ O'Gourmet

This was a truly enjoyable and enlightening evening. Thanks to Ling Ang of O'Gourmet Food Hall @ Bangsar Shopping Center for the invitation, Sommelier Sebastien and Louis Choong for the free flowing information and wine, Chinoz and Chef Afiz for the food.

I must admit that stuff like "Wine for Dummies" was written with people like my husband and I in mind. While we do enjoy the occasional bottle with friends and sometimes a glass or two with food, this occasion was certainly an eye opener.

Having 5 wine and food pairings in relative quick succession to compare and contrast against, brought into vivid focus the beautiful ballet of flavors possible when wine and food are well matched. Abstract terms like "bouquet" and "finish" now became delightfully real.

The smoked barramundi, for example, was a silky smooth texture, blended with the smokey salty flavors of balsamic and a perfectly proportioned, quick, sharp, tart accent of a tiny sliver of lemon. Just as I was getting used to this particular corner of taste heaven, the paired wine that had nosed as slightly earthy, now finished with a beautifully balanced flourish of fruity sweetness. Mmmmm... magic!

This was the list of wine and food pairings:

1. Tedeschi Capitel Tenda Soave Doc Classico 2009, Pedemonte-Valpolicella, Italy

Paired with: Camembert Cheese

2: Rizzi Barbera D'Alba 2007, Treiso, Italy

Paired with: Pappardelle Pasta and Meatball (yeah, just one meatball)

3: Tedeschi Valpolicello Classico Superiore Doc 2008, Pedemonte-Valpolicella, Italy

Paired with: Pizza (pepperoni/ mushroom & egg ... the crust was awesome!)

4: Shinas Estate Innocent Viognier 2009, Mildura-Victoria, Australia

Paired with: Smoked Barramundi with Balsamic Reduction

(Wish I had more of these ... Yum!)

5: Glaetzer Wallace Shiraz Grenache 2009, Barossa Valley, South Australia

Paired with: Moroccan Lamb Merguez

(This wine really intensified the spiciness of the dish. Just when you thought your tongue had calmed down ... *sip*.... Pow! It hits you all over again!)

6: Shinas Estate Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Mildura-Victoria, Australia

(There was no food pairing for this)

My personal favorites:

White Wine: Tedeschi Capitel Tenda Soave Doc Classico 2009, Pedemonte-Valpolicella, Italy

Red Wine: Rizzi Barbera D'Alba 2007, Treiso, Italy

Dish: Smoked Barramundi with Balsamic Reduction

Pairing: Rizzi Barbera D'Alba 2007, Treiso, Italy with Pappardelle & Meatball

Did I mention we had a great time?


  1. I enjoy wine pairing events mainly because the food is exquisite and flavors & textures combine so well with wine bouquets. It's enlightening even for wine connoisseurs. Food photos in your post look absolutely delicious!

  2. That sounded absolutely fabulous. Interesting that they paired white soave with camembert. Always frustrated at the number of people who serve red wine with cheese and with camembert it can end up tasting like washing powder!
    Great post. Thanks for the read!

  3. What fun! I'm another who needs "Wine for Dummies," but this has given me an idea for a great cocktail party theme!

  4. something good: Thanks for saying it's also enlightening even for the wine connoisseurs ..... I don't feel so much of a dummy now :P

    Jill Colonna: Thanks Jill. Glad you enjoyed the read.

    Lizzy: Haha ... I don't feel so alone now! And we were also thinking of organizing our own little amateur wine pairing party.

  5. A very precise entry for the marriage between wine and food, I'm trying your suggest. Continue your brilliant blog, I'll be back!

  6. 法国葡萄酒: Thank you. Will be happy to see you again.