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Mar 7, 2011

Of Black Ties, Warm Fuzzies & Shark Friendly Soup

Other half and I were invited to a black tie event. Black tie-ish, with an Asian, Chinese-food bias. I had initially intended to make this a blog about the food. But the events of the evening has put this squarely into my "just for reads" category.

It was an awards ceremony, cumulating in a lifetime award presentation to Datuk Thomas Lee. He magnanimously and very emotionally accepted the award on behalf of the many others whom had quietly contributed to his successes. He received a standing ovation.

This reaffirmed my feelings of the good in each of us and gave me a warm fuzzy. A few other award recipients did likewise, esp one who mainly inherited a successful enterprise by way of management change and stated it clearly so as such. Behind all of this, the initiator of the awards ceremony itself is my good friend, Sue, who, together with her faithful crew were giving back to an industry that has given them so much. Again, reaffirming the good that people possess. I was humbled to have been witness to these events.

PS: There are a couple of food shots for those wondering what was served at the event.

Sorry .... too caught up by the events of the evening, I failed to capture all 8 courses.

Sharks Fin-less Soup (Yup, you read right. Shark friendly soup made in the traditional shark's fin soup style but with just crab meat, shitakes and tofu. Not only do I approve ... quite tasty actually)

Roast Chicken with an Asian Nyonya Twist (A Sweet honey glaze with chilli, lemongrass and torch ginger )

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