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Mar 3, 2011

A Virtual Potluck Party

Crazy huh? A virtual potluck party! The common thread through similar posts I've seen, is that there is a competition of sorts, some judging involved and always a prize for the winner. I have broadened my food horizons considerably since I started blogging, and have come across so many good recipes, that choosing a winner perhaps isn't really possible or even fair. My intention was always to introduce as many of my friends and their blogs, to as many of my other friends, and their blogs, as possible. While the response made for more of a cosy get together rather than a rocking food fiesta.... look at what my party animals brought! 7 mouth-watering dishes, from different parts of the world, from appetizers to desserts! Perfect!

Thanks to Elin (who so kindly brought 2 dishes), Mythreyi (who also brought 2 dishes), Alyce, Eugenia and Elisabeth. And if any of my charming guests would like to host the next one, I'll be sure to contribute.

For those of you who missed out ... you can click on the name of the dishes and get linked to the yumminess!


  1. very cool! would love to host the next!

  2. Tiffany: Yes, it was a fun way to share.

    3Cookies: Virtually, they all tasted great! And the survey wasn't complete .. needed yours to be sure. ;P

    FoodieFix: Would be happy to have you host the next one.

  3. Hi Ping-You did an amazing job with the "potluck party" which I would upgrade to an elegant gourmet party. Thank you for making it so much fun, and your design of it is really quite elegant, as well. I loved contributing to it.

    Now, for my next special occasion party, here's my choice from the list, in their order. If I were to have guests come over, I would start with brunch, and spend a couple hours on the beach, and have a wonderful dinner later. So, here's my choice from the list.

    for Brunch:
    Eugenia's Cinnamon Swirl Bread
    Elin's Bliny w/crem fraich, and smoked salmon

    for Dinner:
    Alyce's Effortless Exotic Linguine w/saffron, and mussels

    and for Dessert:
    Mythreyi's Espresso Mousse

    Not too "shabby" isn't this superb?