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Apr 19, 2011

Getting Cross-eyed

It's been more than a month since I had put up my hot cross buns post (yeah, yeah, so i'd got my dates mixed up) and since then i've been busy with more ideas and variations just to make things a little more interesting. Hot cross macs galore for awhile and now, 3 different ways to make those crosses on those buns.

The initial crosses, made with orange icing, were and are still my favorite but they're not transport-friendly. So, here are the 3 other ways to make sturdier crosses (see pic): blue poppy seeds (top), piped batter (left) and pastry strips (right). I'm sure you can think up some more interesting versions.

Among these 3, I thought the poppy seeds made a better and more interesting eat. The pastry cross was hard and I suggest that you make a softer dough or just peel off the cross before sinking your teeth into it. The piped cross was also a little too chewy for my liking or maybe I should have made the mixture a little more runny.

Well, there it is. Ping messing around with tradition again.

Have a happy, variation-filled easter!

For the Poppy Seeds Crosses:

Sprinkle seeds into a cross shape after brushing dough with egg wash.

For the Piped Crosses:

1/2 tbs sugar

3 tbs flour

2 tbs water / milk

Mix together to form a smooth and pipeable batter. Pipe a thin line.

*Note: Lines spread a little during baking. See how fat mine are? :P

For the Pastry Crosses: (don't like this ... the dough strips turned out to hard to eat)

1/2 cup flour

3 tbs water

Mix into a smooth dough. Roll out and cut into strips. Attach onto buns with egg wash.

Bake as directed. (See Hot Cross Buns)


  1. I like your approach, there is someone for everyone! Poppy seeds for uniqueness, crunch, flavour and nutrition, pastry cross for your least favourite friends and piped cross for those who like chewing as a form of exercise:) You've pretty much covered the whole spectrum. I remember hot-X buns from home - the X's had design but no flavour and I was always disappointed. Poppy gets my vote but maybe you think I deserve pastry:)

  2. 3Cookies: Hahaha ... I like the way you think! And I'd give you poppy seeds and orange iced buns anytime!

  3. I love hot cross buns. Of ANY variation :) The poppy seed one is very clever. Well done.

  4. I like the idea of the poppy seed topping. You are so creative!

  5. Hi Ping-I wanted to let you know last night how much I love and need your hot cross buns. Since I don't have it on my Easter menu, it would be a perfect addition to the Suggested menu!
    Pleas stop by my blog to check it out, because I added your name on the list...hope you can participate in this Game Plan:D

  6. I remember one of you hot cross bun posts and was thinking how early you were with it! :) Good idea for the different toppings.

  7. Elisabeth: Thanks for the tag. Whoa! Easter is just another few days away ... kinda short notice but will try my best :D

    Julia: Haha!...yes, it was one of those "brain fade" moments :P