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Apr 21, 2011

I've Been Tagged!

I've Been Tagged!

I haven't played tag since my school days and today, I'd got tagged by Elisabeth from Food and Thrift Finds :D Oooo, I feel like a kid again!

And she'd got tagged by someone from Hungary! Boy! Talk about the long arm of the .... um, blog.

Anyway, this tag game is all about Easter and to come up with a suggested menu of 5 - 10 items. You'll have to upload these recipes from your previous posts with photos and link them back for the recipe.

After all that, link it to 10 bloggers for the invitation to do the same!

(Check out Elisabeth's yummy menu! The goat's cheese thingy is to die for!)

As I've explained to Elisabeth, I haven't been blogging very long and hope that this short list of suggested recipes whets some appetites.

Also, here's the 10 other bloggers I've tagged and hope you'll join in this nostalgic game but with a different twist.

1. Boulder Locavore

2. Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

3. Kimba's Kitchen

4. Pass the Sushi

5. Pretend Chef

6. Quay Po Cooks

7. Russian Season

8. Something Good

9. Three Cookies

10. Turkey's For Life

Come on people! Join in the fun!

Lemongrass Ginger Ale


  1. OMG Ping! I am in "heave" with your amazing set of the most delicious things you've created that is an absolute perfect menu for Easter. The lemongrass ginger ale is so refreshing even better
    (spiked up with gin, or vodka)
    Your amazing bread, and rolls, your chicken dish, and oh, my...Tiramisu...I think this was my first comment to you, the #1 prize winning Tiramisu!

    Thank you so much for participating, You are such a dear friend:DDD
    I'm linking your menu back to Hungary to the original blogger who invited me, and checking out the bloggers that you tagged...some of them I know. Great list!

  2. Hi Elisabeth! So happy you enjoyed the menu. And, yes, I believe a dash of vodka would do nicely with the ginger ale (hic) :D

  3. thanks a lot for inviting me for this game; unfortunately we are about to board a plane to go to Italy for a 10 day holiday and we will have limited access to internet :(
    maybe next time ...

    happy easter

  4. Someting Good: It's alright, not a problem. It was short notice anyway. Easter is lovely in Italy. Have a great holiday!

  5. Ping, I'm so glad you were tagged! What gorgeous selections. Your tiramisu is calling my incredible and decadent! Happy Easter :)

  6. This is so much fun. I will see what I can come up with (and I am switching the meal to Mother's Day). Your "meal" looks amazing.

  7. Lizzy: Thanks. I would have tagged you if you weren't tagged by Elisabeth already :D

    Kristen: That is a fantastic idea.... changing it to a Mother's Day theme! (It's a little late to be tagging folks for Easter anyway)

  8. Hi Kati. Thanks and for dropping by too :D

  9. Hi Ping, I'm so sorry I missed the game, I was busy with Easter preparations and I didn't really have the time to check my blog at all :-( Hope you don't mind! Huge thank you anyway - your menu looks gorgeous!

  10. No worries, Alina. It was very short notice anyway. Another blogger had the ingenious idea to make it into a Mother's day menu instead but I guess that would be too late also :D ... why not change it to whatever you want, what's coming up next? Father's Day?