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Oct 8, 2011

The Occasional Tip: Peeling Peppers

Red peppers, Capsicums, Bell Peppers ....
These are such interesting vegetables, in that they taste so different when eaten raw and when roasted. Personally, I can live without them raw but roasted with the outer layer discarded ..... Oh be still my quivering tastebuds!! ... Sweet, Luscious, Silky Smooth, Smokey Sultriness .... gosh, this is getting .... uh, non-foodlike.
Meanwhile, back on earth ... and in the kitchen ....
An easy way to roast and to peel off the skins to get to the lusciousness inside .... Focus, people!

Wash and dry peppers.
Cut into quarters and discard seeds and membranes. (You can roast them whole as well but in this case, you don't have to bother about turning them)
Lightly spritz some oil to coat.
Place in a single layer, skin side up on a lined baking tray.
Roast 40-50 mins or until skin turns blackish.
Remove and place in a heatproof baggy, seal and leave to sweat for about 15-20 mins. Alternatively, place in a heatproof bowl, cover tightly with cling film and leave to sweat.
Peel off skin.

What you can do with it:
Slice (or not) and place in a clean jar and drown them in some good quality olive oil or grapeseed oil.
Keep refrigerated.
Or mush it up and make Ajvar!
Or put it in a lovely stew.
Or use as a pizza base.
Or make bruschetta.
Or just as a dip.
Or ... or ....

So many possibilities!


  1. Great tips we can always use! You even gave us ideas of how to use the peeled peppers. Thanks!

  2. All the occasional tips are welcome! Thank you, Ping for sharing this one (and for talking once more about ajvar...).
    Personally I cannot live without my pickled peppers (I am very modest I know ;-) but the recipe isn't mine and it's the best recipe I have ever got in my life!). I always make tons of pickled sweet peppers to be sure I am never left without a jar in my pantry.

  3. Thx for the Great tips Ping!
    End of summer here, peppers are so cheap in Turkey, local people here make pepper paste beside tomato paste. And many food using this red big pepper, like dolma biber, etc. Me personally like them roasted directly over fire, the smell and the taste sssoooo great with Turkish kofte.. it become my crave when I'm home in Indonesia ^,^

  4. You are too right - too many lovely possiblities and great tips. I should use them more often! Red pepper macarons?

  5. Nice to see you share my love of peeled peppers... aren't they amazing after they've been grilled/roasted and the skin comes off? I could just eat them by the handful! I like to roast them with tomatoes and garlic, peel them all, chuck them in a blender, add olive oil, lemon juice, ground cumin and coriander and blitz up to make a warm tunisian salad. So delicious!

  6. I love the sultry lusciousness of roasted peppers too ;)
    Thanks for the tip - I think I'll try drowning them in olive oil and keeping them in the fridge so that I'll have a stash to dig into when I need some.

  7. Lyndsey: Glad you found them useful. Happy I could help :D

    Sissi: Haha! I seem to go on about Ajvar (oops), don't I? It's such a great condiment, isn't it? ... I meant the roasted peppers, pickled or otherwise.

    My Home Diary in Turkey: You're welcome, Citra. Oooh yes! Roasted over a fire is even better! The extra smokey aroma ... mmm. Hmm .. I gotta check out this dolma biber thing.

    Jill: Haha! I did wonder about putting it in a macaron but that's your forte. I'll follow your lead.

    Charles: Amazing! Yes, definitely! That's another possibilitiy for the list. Thanks!

    Kiddothings: : "Drown" is definitely a good word here! Keeps them moist and luscious. ;)

  8. You really don’t like them raw? They are so nice and sweet and make a healthy snack. I love to have them either way. Roasting them takes more time but is totally worth it. Thanks you for the tips!

  9. Ping, I will always welcome good tips. I LOVE roast peppers. I will try to put them in everything I cook. I like what Jill suggested. Put them in macaron. Hope to see a post from her on that. Last Christmas, I roasted red and green peppers and toss them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Seasoned with salt and ground black pepper. I put them in little jars and used them as Christmas gift for friends and family. They love it. I think I should do it again this year.

  10. I had to giggle while reading your description of peppers...I love red bell peppers both raw and roasted. SO yummy! Thanks for the tips :)

  11. Lilly: Hi Lilly. You're welcome. I don't dislike them raw, just that they taste a little "green" to me. If there was a choice I'd prefer them roasted.

    QPC: Yeah, I'd like to see it in a mac too. Hey Jill! Are you reading this? Great idea giving them as jarred presents instead of useless baubles and at the end of it, they can even use the jars!

    Lizzy: Hehe ... who knew roasted peppers could be so provocative, eh?

  12. I completely agree with you. Roasted red peppers are difficult to beat. No wonder you got so excited in your post! :)

  13. Thanks for the tip, I have never roasted peppers. I am really motivated to try now. Here its called paprika, so many different names.

    BTW I need to pick on you. Which veges don't taste so different when eaten raw and when roasted???:)

  14. Julia: LOL!! Was it that obvious?! :D

    3Cookies: Big bully. Ok, maybe I should have used the words "significantly different". Sure, everything tastes different once they're cooked but this is reeeeaaallllyyy different, as in, greenish when raw and so sweet when roasted. Hey, just because I picked on you on your 7 "experiences" .....????

  15. This tip sucks!!! Whats next - a tip on how to peel a banana and boil an egg???:) Alright no more pickings. BTW its tempting to pick on you, your blog name is inviting:)

    The tip was useful, seriously.

  16. 3Cookies: Hellooooo ... the blog name is ping's pickings ... as in ping does the picking, not, picking on ping :P
    Haha! I actually enjoyed the friendly banter ... it was friendly, right? And here's a tip on peeling bananas .... peel a strip off and then peel it sideways, none of those membranes sticking to the flesh. LOL!!!!

  17. Its friendly only if I win:) I can't visualise that banana tip. I guess it works best if the banana is straight and not curved. You are full of tips. What about egg?

  18. 3Cookies: Ok ok, you win. We shall leave the egg tips to an egg post. Can't have all my tips in this comments box. Tsk. Hmm... maybe I'll have an interactive post on egg tips, getting folks to contribute. What do you think?

  19. Kidding about the win - you win! Egg tips post would be interesting, curious to see what contributions are made

  20. Ping, great tip...I heard of this method before but never had a chance to will definitely give this a try.
    Hope you have a great week :-)

  21. Ping-As you know I always buy my bargain peppers and tomatoes at my local produce market. Most of my peppers I always end up roasting, and peeling.
    You are so right about the roasting and peeling method.
    Without the baggie to sweat the peppers, it would not turn out as great. Thanks for reinstating the instructions on the perfect roasted peppers, and its uses:DDD

  22. Juliana: Hi there! Thanks! This is super easy and no mess.

    Elisabeth: Looks like we both do this the same way. Red peppers are very expensive here but I managed to score a bargain this time and as you can see, they're gorgeous! I just had to buy a ton (slight exaggeration) and do something with them.

  23. thanks for the tips! I LOVE roasted peppers, I just get a bit disappointed sometimes when I get a bunch of them and they roast down to less than half the volume ): but the taste, omg the taste just makes up for it 100%!

  24. ... Or you can drown them in said olive oil with some thin slivers of garlic fried in a bit of oil and use it on salads. I adore roasted peppers, and I am often too lazy to make them!

    Useful tip, actually. The peeling of the skin is usually a pain in the you know where!

    - Veronika

  25. Shu Han: Hello. You're most welcome. Yes, definitely agree with you. They're just unbeatable! Thanks for dropping by.

    eattheroses: Yup, adding your personal touch to them. Haha! No pain this way. Saves the you-know-where!

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You too have a nice blog with full of tips and ideas. Today I just roasted red and green pepper to serve with roasted chicken, simply yummy.

  27. Thanks Sonia, for coming by as well.

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