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Nov 22, 2011

Review & Recipe: Raspberry Chutney (in a Trifle)

I've had some pretty good experiences with fancy foods in my lifetime. Visited some olive groves, fruit farms, vege farms, nut farms (heh, just checking if you were paying attention), and vineyards during my travels and tasted their homegrown products. Now that I don't travel as much, I have missed getting some quality, home-pride products that I normally cart home a lot of.
I was very happy to notice at one of our upmarket grocery stores, a counter selling some very interesting oils, vinegars and jarred concoctions. Mr Teoh, Managing Director of Vom Fass Malaysia, must have noticed me salivating over his jars, started offering me teeny (and I really meant teeeeeny) tasting teaspoons of some of his most popular oils and vinegars. We got talking about some of the more unique nut/seed oils and the possible usage of them in foods.

Now, you see where i'm getting at?
Yup, Mr Teoh kindly gave me some of his precious products to use, taste, test and, of course, blog about.

Today, i'm using the Raspberry Chutney in a very simple trifle. I wanted the chutney to stand out and not have too many combinations of flavors to interfere ... just a couple of complementing ones. Besides, there wasn't a lot of it to have a thicker layer. But it turned out just right. The slight tartness of the chutney went great with the sweetness of the whipped cream. The jelly and crushed oreos provided a contrast to the textures.
It was deeelicious!


*I didn't put in any amounts or measurements here. It's up to you how thick and how many layers you would like to make.

Oreos, crushed
Whipping cream, whipped with some sugar
Raspberry flavored jelly, prepared as per package instructions
Raspberry Chutney (Vom Fass, of course)
Fresh raspberries


Layer to your heart's content.
For those who are wondering ... my layers from bottom:

Crushed Oreos
Whipped Cream
Raspberry Chutney
Whipped Cream
Raspberry Jelly
Whipped Cream
Fresh Raspberries

*I'd made 2 more portions with a final layer of crushed oreos just before the fresh berries. That was good too, the added crunch and chocolate.

To purchase the chutney, click here for the Vom Fass Malaysia website to locate their outlets. For those outside of Malaysia, just google Vom Fass and you'll find their various outlets in all parts of the world.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me at no cost. I am under no contract or obligation to write a review or to make it a positive one if I did. I write my honest opinions and will tell you quickly if a product is not up to my standards. My reviews are my opinion only. I do not make any money on any of the products I review.


  1. Such beautiful little trifles - I love the layers... really pretty :) I bet the raspberry chutney was delicious - My friend made some strawberry and rhubarb chutney a while ago and it was amazing!

  2. Welcome back, and this time I will be careful:) Excellent photo. Never heard of raspberry chutney, I am guessing its jam with some vinegar? I had a look at their site, only saw oils and vinegars. I am guessing the chutneys are offered in their physical shops only.

    And whats wrong with "nut farms"? Should it be called something else?

  3. Free products = the BEST part of being a food blogger, no? :D

  4. Your trifle kills me: it looks so gorgeous, Summery and sunny... It is hot in Malaysia now??? Have did you get such beautiful raspberries???
    I feel I will dream about this trifle tonight...
    Guess what! Vom Fass exists of course in Switzerland and in my city there are at least two shops. I often buy their vinegars and oils. The vinegars are so good I sometimes drink half of the bottle before even using it in a salad.
    I have never tasted their jams or chutneys. My favourite is I think mango vinegar :-)

  5. wow..what pretty colours and i think your combination is simply decadent. the favours do compliment one another. i really got to get back into action. enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. I would love to try chutney in a trifle! It would add an exotic note rather than just simply sweet. These are beautiful with the red and white, very festive!

  7. Hi Ping-your individual trifles are totally incredible, gorgeous, and so perfect for the holidays. Love the raspberry chutney...which I have not heard of being available here. The layering is superb, and it's an elegant dessert for the holidays! Glad to see you're posting again. Can't let you back out, so easy...ha, ha!
    You're a dear friend, and I'm so glad you decided to stay:DDD

  8. Ping I am so happy to read this. And oh my this looks so incredible. Great job. I'd eat 1 or 4 all by myself.

  9. Oooh, gorgeous as always! I'd skip the jelly (can't stand gelid things in food in general!), but another layer of chutney and it's drool-inducing!

    Also, yay - Ping is back to posting! *hops up and down* Just in time for parties with this recipe, too!


  10. Charles: Hellooo ... thank you! Strawberry and rhubarb sounds great! Might give that a go.

    3Cookies: Thanks, Mr T. And thanks loads for adopting my pic on your blog too! Made my day! Yeah, I suppose the chutney consists of basically jam and vinegar, probably some peppers as well. I've asked them for the ingredients but they seem pretty secretive about it. Like I'm not gonna make my own one of these days ....

  11. Tiffany: A definite YES !!

    Steph: Thank you.

    Sissi: Thank you so much! It's always hot in Malaysia. The raspberries were imported from the US. Yes, their vinegars are so very good! I can't decide which is my favorite. This was also the first time I knew they had jams and chutneys. I think they brought those in for the holiday season.

    ChicGorgeous: Hi Jo! Loved reading about your trip. Thanks for dropping by.

    Amy: Yes, the flavors balanced out nicely. Nice to see you again :D

    Elisabeth: Thank you so much, Elisabeth. Thanks for being so supportive. Everyone here helped a lot to get me going. Slowly, but getting there. It's a start.

    Kim Bee: Thanks Kim. I had to. Some lunatic told me to get my butt into the kitchen, pronto. :D And btw, I ate 2 in one sitting.

    eattheroses: Hiya, V. *Hopping up and down with you*. Yeah, gotta push myself into the cooking mode with the hols coming up.

  12. Wah you got free products? How come no one give me any free products? hehe.. Free or not, your trifle looks so festive and I am so "jakun", I have never heard of raspberry chutney and did not know that can put chutney in trifle but now I know. See, you can quit, if not how this Quay Po going to learn more new things about baking and cooking ha? I am SOOOO happy to see you posting again. BIG BEAR HUGS!

  13. No need to "push", you seem to be working up good speed all on your own! *cheers*

  14. QPC: Hi Lucy! You just gotta go and poke your nose around the counter and make sure Da Boss is around. Haha, I got lucky, I guess. "Jakun" you're definitely not. You're one classy lady. I am probably very "jakun" in some other areas as well. I don't think this is a common use for chutneys tho, I just wanted to be a little different. Well, guess I can't quit now ... since you've put it so nicely :D. Bear Hugs back!! Ow! Ow! My ribs!

    eattheroses: Thanks V. Slowly and surely ....

  15. lucky you, I never get anything by OL especially free stuff.. and your trifle looks tempting and yummy Ping

  16. Citra: Thank you! Yes, I guess I am very fortunate. There's more to come :D

  17. I would never say no to any dessert especially it has raspberry in it. The trifle looks deliciously beautiful!

  18. Veronica's Kitchen: Thank you!

  19. Mr Teoh is such a gem, isn't he?? I still hv some of the oils he gave me for testing :p perhaps should experiment more

  20. babekl: Yes, he is ever so generous. Great guy.