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Nov 29, 2011

Roasted Spring (Clean) Vegetables

Spring vegetables (not that it's spring here), sprung clean (is there such a term?) from my forever packed fridge. I really gotta love my fridge. It's definitely working overtime and over capacity (is it ever!) and still is working great all these years. Shhh .... Better not say it out too loudly .... nah, not (really) superstitious.
Anyway, I'd found a bag of baby radish (spring/summer radish), baby carrots, baby onions (pickling onions), mini yellow tomatoes (grape tomatoes) and a bunch of other stuff in my chiller compartment. Too lazy (just back from a weekend, mini high school reunion of sorts) and exhausted from lack of sleep, decided to throw everything in the oven and have a simple dinner. No frills.


baby radishes, tops trimmed and halved
baby carrots
mini yellow tomatoes (grape tomatoes), halved
baby onions / shallots, halved
large cloves of garlic (mini doesn't do it here)
sesame seeds, lightly toasted
1-2 tbs soy sauce
grapeseed oil
sesame oil
balsamic vinegar


Preheat oven to ... um ... hot. (Gosh, I can't remember but I think it was around 200˚C).
Place radishes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and garlic into a deep bowl. Drizzle with a little grapeseed oil, toss to coat evenly.
Line baking tray with parchment (less mess) and dump veges in it into a single layer if possible.
Roast for 20 mins. Remove from oven and stir in soy sauce and a drizzle of sesame oil.
Roast for another 15 mins or until veges are slightly browned at the edges. Mash up the garlic cloves ... they're beautifully soft and sweet at this point, and toss it together with the veges.
Drizzle with some balsamic vinegar.
Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Serve hot with a leafy salad or in my case, I had it with some pasta, bacon bits and roughly chopped Frisée.


  1. Sounds like a great meal with those Asian ingredients. I must try this sometime. Glad to hear those vege's got to see the light of day (or light of the oven). I suppose sprung clean will soon become a term.

  2. Those simple suppers can be the best. I have heard that roasting radishes completely changes the taste (versus raw). I must try.

  3. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! The colours in yoru dish are beautiful; difficult to believe the vegetables were not chosen on purpose, but found in your freezer :-) It looks excellent! Oh, and I see sesame seeds! (My recent addiction).

  4. By the way, I also wonder how my fridge+freezer still work... I'm sure they support twice the maximum weight most of the time...

  5. Sounds perfect! My kind of dinner. I hope you had fun with your high school friends...I love those times with old buddies :)

  6. 3Cookies: Thanks! It was a good combination. I suppose I could call it "fusion" since it's not entirely asian.

    Kristen: Yes, it was quite satisfying having it with pasta. The radishes tasted like potatoes with a slight bitterness, but I guess roasting it longer might get rid of that altho I liked that little bit of crunch.

    Sissi: Yeah, agreed. Thank you and yes, it was unplanned since I'd just returned from a weekend away, came back, raided the fridge and found these. So glad I did :D Everything was pretty fresh except for the frozen baby carrots. Ah, sesame seeds ... completes the dish perfectly. (Hehe, I'm sure our fridges hate us!)

    Lizzy: I did! Which was why I felt so drained after that :D All worth it!

    Angie's Recipe: Hello. thank you and thanks for coming by as well.

  7. I love roasted vegetables, these look wonderful. It sure works in a pinch. Hope you had a great weekend.

  8. Lyndsey: Thank you. Yup, worked out quite well. Have a great week!

  9. Yay, a new recipe post from Ping - Hope you're out of your funk now and everything is ok! I love the look of these - sweet and shrivelled in a deliciously roasted way. Perfect accompaniment for some excellent meat

  10. Charles: Haha! Yes, I guess I am slowly getting into gear. Thank you for being happy for me :D

  11. Packed fridge, that is something I am familiar with as my mom packs our 2 fridges and 1 freezer every weekend. But then the amazing thing is by the end of the week, a lot of food is cleared. LOL.. Spring(Clean) Roasted Vegetable is such a great idea. Simple and flavourful, not to mention healthy? Hugs, Jo

  12. I like your "spring-cleaning" idea. To avoid any food wastage, I have to do this too.

    This is my first time visiting your blog and have found lots of great recipes. I'm happy to follow you for more of your delicious cooking.

  13. ChicGorgeous: Hey Jo. So nice to see you. Haha! At least your fridges gets cleared out by the end of the week. My husband has threatened to show pics of my fridge on my blog. Bleh.

    Zoe: Hello! So nice to meet you. Thanks for following. I've been crawling your blog and loved everything in it!

  14. Ping...great spring veggies are great for roasting especially with balsamic favorite!! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more delicious recipes from you :)

  15. Sonia: Cute? Haha! First time I've heard roasted veges called cute. So funny! Thanks, Sonia :D

    Elin: Hello. Thanks very much.

  16. simply beautifully healthy roasted meal Ping.. I like it.

  17. Hi Ping-Such a wonderful idea to use up veggies from leftover that you are planning to use up!
    To me, this is the best method, roasting them. Love the soy sauce and balsamic combination, which I have never combined the two, together. I'm sure it gave it a special kick to it, flavorwise!

  18. Well if that's your dinner without frills I'm pulling up a chair and knife and fork! Cleaning fridges and freezers are the best way to experiment and have fun. Love these veggies!

  19. Home Diary in Turkey: Thanks Citra!

    Elisabeth: Thanks. It was a good combination ... east + west = yum! And my fridge gave a sigh of relief.

    Jill: Haha! Really, it was just throw everything in the pan. I couldn't be bothered to stand by a hot stove at that point ... well, except to maybe cook the pasta. :D

  20. That looks gorgeous, as your photos usually do, and delicious! Question, though - do the radishes turn out well roasted? I've always thought of them as eat-raw-only sort of vegetable!

    P.S. Yes I've finally surfaced from the guests-and-parties induced daze. Watch me breathe - and glad to see you up and around and posting!

    - Veronika

  21. eattheroses: Hi V! Breathe girl, breathe! The radishes turned out very nice, like a potato with a slight sweetish/bitter twang ... quite different to the raw taste.

  22. i hope that one day, my photography will be as nice as yours. :D


  23. Aiyoh, what happen to my comment? NVM, I'll comment again:D Me too cannot understand why I have 2 fridges and 1 freezer in the house and not one day they have an extra inch to spare. You must have had a great time with your high school mates and that is why you are so tired my dear. So you have roasted all the "baby whatever" you collected from your fridge but did you sleep like a baby when they were roasting?

  24. Amanda: Thank you and I think your photography is very nice.

    QPC: ROFL!!! You really crack me up, Lucy! Yes, I had a great time, haven't laughed so much for a long time.... exhausting work, laughing. And no, I didn't sleep while the "babies" were roasting or I'd end up with chunks of carbon for dinner. I did sleep like a baby after that tho :D

  25. I love how the colour remian, even after cooking.

  26. Hello Shaheen. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the color just went a darker purple, made the whole dish so colorful.

  27. Oh how I wish it was spring here. These are some yummy veggies my friend. Great job with this one.

  28. Kim Bee: Thanks, Kim. The way time flies these days, it'll be spring real soon. Another year passing by.

  29. Saw your reply to the comment about radishes up there. I looove radishes. I can't wait to try roasting them!