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Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas & Christmas Pudding Cookies

(Thank you everyone for helping get this to FoodBuzz Top 9)

Merry Christmas!

Well, folks. I'm wishing you here and now before I collapse. It's past midnight. I'm moaning and groaning (oh my aching feet ... and knee) from all the baking and preparations for Christmas Eve dinner but my friend sitting here next to me pointed out that i'm still smiling. Hmm ... must be going senile (me, not her) or I just enjoy putting myself through all this. Heh .. actually, I believe I do! But thank goodness it's only once a year. Yeah, I know Chinese New Year is another big celebration and will be just another month away, but Christmas is the biggie for us. I'll survive.
And I'd probably do it all over again next year! ... with a smile :D

Meanwhile, have a blast and don't get too hung over, and if you do drink, don't drive. I'm drinking at home, my home, I'm allowed to get as sloshed as I like.

Oh yeah, the Christmas Pudding Cookies up there ...
These are just one of many that I've been making over the last couple of days. Little cookie gift packs for my guests.
This one's the simplest. Plain old Chocolate Cookie with some Christmas Pudding spices as an option.


200 g butter, softened
200 g sugar
50 g cocoa powder
350 g flour
1 egg
1 tbs cold water

Optional Spices

1 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp ground ginger

Decorating Ingredients

150g white chocolate
green & red sugar paste (for holly), leaves and berries to be prepared at least a day before and set overnight


Preheat oven to 160˚ C.
Cream butter and sugar.
Beat in egg and cold water. Mix well.
Fold in cocoa powder and flour until you get a smooth dough.
Refrigerate for an hour.
Roll out between wax paper and cut into circles. (My circles were about 2 1/4").
Bake 12-15 mins.
Cool before decorating.

To Decorate

Melt white chocolate in microwave. Zap in short bursts, be careful not to burn chocolate.
Pour melted chocolate in a piping bag (be careful, it's hot!). Or alternatively, melt the chocolate in a heat proof baggy, snip off a teeny hole at the end and pipe. (See 'The Occasional Tip')
Using a fine plain tip, pipe the outline of the white 'custard', allowing it to set before flooding with more white chocolate.
Place holly quickly before chocolate sets.
If that does happen, just dollop a little melted chocolate and stick those little guys on.
*Note: you might need to re-microwave the chocolate every now and then when it thickens too much to pipe. Use a very low setting and just give it a short burst each time.

Happy Holidays!


  1. These are beautiful cookies, I will have to put them on my list. Ha! I do know how you feel even though I'm not making Christmas eve dinner. I have been doing a lot of baking this year and tackled a family recipe that I have been meaning to make for years. But no one is ever around us down here in Florida for the holiday, just some years my aunt and uncle stay in town. I started to create my post after baking all day, (having laryngitis) then meeting aunt and uncle for dinner. I was so tired I had to stop half way and finish it this morning. All I can't say is I was happy to get it in before Christmas! :)

    I wish I was there with you too, would love to eat your dinner and cookies!

    Merry Christmas, and I will be sure to visit for CNY!

  2. tehehe awesome post! merry christmas eve! love the cookies.

  3. So Christmas-y and pretty!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Another masterpiece from you. I don’t think that’s a sign of senility. Runners smile after finishing a marathon even if their legs don’t feel 100%. Maybe its the results of your hard work thats making you smile. Or more likely its knowing that you will get sloshed. If I was you, I’d be smiling too:) Wishing you and your family a merry Xmas and all the best for 2012. Hope it continues to bring lots of baked goods with swirls and twists, some normal baked goods, lots of happiness, success and prosperity.

  5. Gorgeous pudding cookies! I swear I can smell them thru my screen :)


  6. Look at those rocking cookies! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday yourself! :D

  7. I'll be back with my replies soon, folks. Hang in there, go get sloshed ... see you all in a bit. :D

  8. These cookies are beautiful! I would definately add the optional spices :)! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend!

  9. I wish you posted this earlier so I could make this for my friends!

  10. Beautiful cookies and look festive! Wishing you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. Your cookies look terrific and the decoration is simply professional! If I didn't know you I wouldn't believe they are home-made!
    I have been very lazy this year, I have just made very easy things, so I admire your courage. I'm sure it was worth it! And if you are smiling then it can't be so bad ;-)
    I also intend to drink a lot (but won't drive, so there are no limits!). I will drink to your good health! (Actually I'm doing it now ;-) )
    Thank you so much for the message you have just sent me: it's like a gift from a Santa Claus ;-) Looking forward to see the photos!
    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! I hope you spend lots of joyful moments with your friends and family and everyone you love!

  12. Beautiful!

    Joy to you, love to you, everything good to you this season. Have a blessed Christmas!

  13. Happy Christmas Ping! May you have a wonderful time :)

    You cookies look incredible, and as Sissi said - talk about "pro decoration" :D I think I'd much prefer these over a "real" English Christmas pudding any day :D

  14. Lyndsey: Thank you and Merry Christmas. Hope you're feeling better. No fun being unwell on a festive holiday. Sometimes having a quiet holiday is nice. You'll be here for CNY? As in visiting KL?

    Molly: Thanks very much, Molly. Merry Christmas!

    Angie's Recipes: Thanks! Happy Holidays to you too!

    3Cookies: Awww... thanks so much! and also for all the good wishes. Here's wishing you the same. I believe the crazy, dopey smiles are from a "high" after the point of exhaustion experienced by athletes and bakers :D

    Michelle: Thank you. Merry Christmas!

    Parsley Sage: Thank you! Merry Christmas! Thanks for the buzz :D

    Kita: Thanks, Kita. Happy Holidays!

  15. Amy: Hi! Thank you & Merry Christmas to you. Yeah, I too, prefer the spice options but some folks can't appreciate the lovely bouquet. I'd made 2 different batches.

    Amanda: Haha! Well, there are suppose to be 12 days of Christmas, so I guess you could still make them for your friends :D

    Sonia: Thanks, Sonia. Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to you too!

    Sissi: Thanks, Sissi. *blush* I wouldn't call it "professional". I was just having some fun really. But that's a very nice compliment and very encouraging indeed. Glad I made you happy ... call me Mama Claus! :D
    Merry CHristmas to you and yours.

    babeKL: Thanks very much! All the best wishes and blessings this Christmas.

    Charles: Thanks, Charles. You'd give up real pudding for these?! Whoa! That's a huge compliment.

  16. Ping, these are GORGEOUS!!! And you make it all sound so easy, but you really have a gift!!! Merry, merry Christmas, my sweet and funny friend!!!! xoxo

  17. Look amzing. Love them!!Merry Christmas day!

  18. Merry Christmas Ping and Congrats for making Top 9. Awesome!! The Holly Cookies are so pretty. I made a mistake calling them Mistletoe cuppies.. LOL.. oh! gosh.. I can't wait to check out what you will be whipping the coming year. Maybe we can whip up something wicked together eh? Till then.. Happy New Year!! Huggsss, Jo

  19. Lizzy: Thanks, Lizzy. They ARE easy to make.... honest. I wouldn't even bother if it weren't. Now, for someone who makes Poviticas these would be a cinch! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too! xxoo

    Gloria: Hello. And thank you. Merry Christmas day to you :D Thanks for dropping by.

    ChicGorgeous: Whoo! Top 9! That's a great Christmas present! Thanks, Jo! Merry Christmas to you! Btw, what's your definition of "wicked"? :D

  20. Merry Christmas! Those cookies are so cute and I really prefer that than real pudding! Hope you can have a rest on boxing day after a day of hard work!

  21. These cookies are just too cute! They make an adorable gift.
    Congrats on the Top 9 :)

  22. Veronica's Kitchen: Merry Christmas, Veronica! Thank you! Yes, I am putting up my feet and gone on strike for now :D

    Southwestgirl: Hi Sandy! Thanks so much! Yes, they do make nice looking gifts... tasty too :D Thank you for dropping by.

  23. Hi Ping-I'm so happy for made Top 9 with your beautiful Holly Cookies. Congratulations!
    Also congratulating you for your 100 followers, which you probably did not notice!
    Take a rest now, and put your poor tired feet up!

  24. Hi Elisabeth! Thank you! 100 followers! Yay! ... finally. Thought I'd never get there. Yup, definitely going on strike for a couple of days.

  25. Oh my word these cookies look good! :D

  26. The cookies look so perfect Ping! Happy New Year, loved visiting your page :)

  27. Ambika: Hello, thank you very much! Happy New Year to you too. And thanks so much for dropping by.