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Dec 26, 2011

Turducken Pie

Turkey + Duck + Chicken = Turducken, has been around for awhile now, but I've only recently been opened to the idea of making one myself. Instead of the usual chicken-in-duck-in-turkey roll (who says it has to be that way anyway?), I've deconstructed and reconstructed it into a pie! Not surprised? Guess you know me quite well ... PING STRIKES AGAIN!!! Nyahaha!! (Say it with your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth and in a seriously nasal tone). A blogger friend made a comment recently and made me realise I can't seem to stick to the basic recipe of most dishes. I guess that could probably be termed "weird", "strange", "stubborn", but maybe for a better choice of word ... "eccentric". Yeah, I prefer that one.

Anyway, this was part of the buffet for our Christmas Eve family dinner, with a few good friends. Over the next few posts, I will feature some of the goodies we had that night. And if you figure you want to make them and 25th December has passed, doesn't the song say we have 12 days of Christmas? Party on, folks! Also, something to keep in mind for next Christmas.

For this recipe... I've preroasted the meats, seasoned with just thick caramel soy, molasses and a little oil. You can always season it anyway you like.


1 cup diced roasted turkey meat
1 cup diced roasted duck meat
1 cup diced roasted chicken meat
1 1/2 - 2 cups finely chopped leaks, white parts only
1 1/2 cups milk
1/3 cup flour
1 cup diced parboiled waxy potatoes
1 tbs dijon mustard
1 cup grated cheese (I used a mix of 3/4 cup grated strong cheddar and 1/4 cup grated mozzarella)
puff pastry (I used store bought stuff), or you can use shortcrust (see Quickie Quiche post)
salt and pepper to taste (depending on how salty your cheddar is and if you used salted bacon)
lightly beaten egg for eggwash
grapeseed oil and butter for frying

Ingredients I'd love to have put in but didn't due to fussy eaters and 'non-kosherness' :

chopped cooked bacon
fresh thyme
freshly grated nutmeg


Heat butter & oil in pan.
Saute chopped leeks over medium heat until soft.
Stir in flour and stir until lightly browned.
Add milk to the leeks, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth and thickened.
Remove from heat and stir in mustard and cheeses.
Stir in meats and potatoes. Also add in bacon, if using, herbs and spices.
Season to taste.
Leave to cool.
Meanwhile, preheat oven to 200 C, roll and cut out pastry to desired size (you can make hand held sizes like what I did here or make bigger ones).
Press cutout pastry into muffin/pie pans. Fill pastry, brush edges with eggwash, cover with more pastry.
Brush the tops with eggwash, poke a teeny hole on top for it to breathe and bake for 18- 20 mins or until golden.
Serve warm. That's when the cheese gets all sticky, melty, gooey and yummy!

*Freezes well cooked or uncooked.

Christmas Buffet 2011

Disclaimer: Quality of photos are not up to the usual standards due to ravenous guests' growling tummies.


  1. I have a big container of turducken in my fridge and another with the stuffing that used to separate the layers. I am thinking a pot pie is definitely in order! Your pie looks wonderful. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I have never heard of Turkducken pie, but the way you made it is gorgeous, tasty and delicious.
    Hope you had a Merry sorry that I haven't got to comment on your blog for the last few days, Ping!

  3. Very unique and delicious sounding. I have never seen a duck or turkey pie, let alone a turducken pie. Seeing this here comes as no surprise. I haven't had a pie in yonks, might try one this week (a regular one!)
    BTW pictures look pretty good to me
    Why turducken? If we take the first 3 alphabets of each animal it should be turducchi? This sounds like a weird fusion sushi:)

  4. Kristen: Thank you, yes I did :D Hope you had a great Christmas too! A pie is always a great way to use up leftovers. We decided not to have a turkey this year as we were having a crown roast of lamb instead. Just a change from the usual.

    Elisabeth: Haha! Thanks, Elisabeth. No apologies needed. We are all crazy busy at this time of year. Happy busy is always a good thing :D

    3Cookies: Thank you. I love pies. Any excuse for a pie. Turducchi sounds pretty Italian to me ... very designer-type name. Hah, you think we can patent that name?

  5. Oh, wow, Ping...everything you make is so beautiful!! These sound fabulous...and so much easier than putting together all those birds and stuffing and roasting a big fat Tur-duck-en. You've done it again...I think you need to add genius to your list of adjectives :)

  6. You are thinking of Gucci etc. It has an Italian ring to it. We could try patenting the name - use the name to name the dish and eventually roll out designer watches and clothes with the same name. That would be cool:)

  7. I've always been fascinated by the concept of "turduckens", although making one from scratch seems a bit scary, so I love that you've broken this down and made it into a pie - much more my style :D Looks wonderful... how did you get such a perfect cut through the pie too? I'd have thought the pastry would have crumbled all over the place.

  8. Lizzy Do: Hey, Lizzy. Thank you, thank you, bow, curtsey. Hehe, yeah, that's the key word, "easy". Our shop folks here aren't that accommodating to bone the birds for us and I think I'd end up massacring the poor birds so this is definitely a better option. :D Genius!? You flatter me! and I wish I could add that adjective to things other than baking. :D

    3Cookies: Buono! Haha! And what are people going to think when they find out eventually that their designer clothes and accessories were inspired from poultry and pies? Not too chic. But they don't have to know, do they. Only the folks who read the comments here will :D

    Charles: Thanks, Charles. Yes, as I've explained to Lizzy, it isn't easy getting boned whole birds here. I managed the clean cut for the pie using an industrial chainsaw ... kidding. A serrated knife works perfectly.
    Of course you don't get to see the crumbs that flew all over the place :D

  9. First, the name is hilarious! Secondly, I love your photos and the recipe sounds so delicious, I can very well imagine myself as one of those who devoured them in no time at all :-) Last, but not least, I would add such adjectives to define your attitude to cooking as "creative", "imaginative", "original", "unique"... "swirly" (just joking: this one applies only to pastry!).

  10. Wow, I really wonder how it tastes with the 3 best roasted meat in one pie! This will be my first pick in the party for sure! I had some turkey left from Christmas and was thinking making a pie from it....that's for sure, "on the 4th day of Christmas, I should make a pie" :DDD

  11. your photos look nice anyway. i didn't see any difference between these and your normal ones.

  12. Sissi: Thanks! You should see the name Mr 3Cookies came up with :D. Awww... I like "swirly".

    Veronica's Kitchen: Tastes pretty good actually ... thank goodness. :D

    Amanda: Thank you, you're sweet. Actually, there's about an hour's difference between the pics of what's served at my table and my normal ones. LOL! My guests couldn't wait that long.

  13. Wow, 3 roasted meats in a pie, sound interesting! For me, your photos are still good as usual..

  14. I have just read about turducchi! Hilarious :-)

  15. Gorgeous savoury poultry pie! Name is pretty cute.
    Happy New Year!

  16. I just wanted to say "hello". I came to your blog from Sissi and I am so happy that I did. I really like the idea of a Turducken pie.

  17. Nasi Lemak Lover: Thanks, Sonia :)

    Sissi: Could be our retirement plan :D

    Angie's Recipe: Thank you, Angie. Happy New Year to you too!

    Karen: Nice to meet you, Karen, and thanks for dropping by. Always happy to meet new people.

  18. Very clever indeed Ping, well done!

    A New Year Wish for You Wishing you a year that brings Good friends, good health, good luck, good things! Happy New Year!

  19. Ping, I am afraid to pronounce the name of this pie. I will try not to stop at the 4th letter but quickly say all the three syllabus. I think it sounds better calling it Duckturen pie and not Turd something. Whatever the name is, your pirs look perfecto!

  20. Yeah, your room temperature is much different than mine!! We keep the house about 72ยบ the butter is soft, but not melted :) Happy New Year, my friend!!! xo

  21. What a lovely pie.. Yummmmm!! When will I get to taste your cooking eh? Lets plan a gathering after CNY? I will try to hook up Shannon, and let's call QPC too. It would be nice that us in KL meet up. How will you be spending your new year? Anyways, Happy New Year!! xoxo

  22. BabeKL: Thank you. Happy New Year to you too!

    QPC: HAHahahaa!! I love your candor! Everyone's being so polite, prim and proper. It takes a "Lucy" to say it and I LOVE IT!! I, myself, did think about that but didn't want to say anything. I'm glad you did. Tho I'm glad it didn't taste like turd-ugh-en. :D

    LizzyDo: Hehe ... thought so. Happy Yummy New Year to you! Hugs!

    Chic & Gorgeous Treats: Hi Jo. Thanks. Don't make me nervous. I don't cook well when I'm nervous. Hey yeah, the gathering with everyone sounds like a great idea. QPC and I were planning to meet up after CNY and I was about to ask you. Hope you have a blast at New Year's! Happy Yummy New Year to you too! xo

  23. That looks amazing! And I bet it cooks way faster than a whole turducken!

  24. that's the first time i heard of the phrase turducken to be honest, so amused by it! haha! that's a gorgeous pie (:

  25. Shu Han: Hello. Really? It's been around .... hmm ... since 1985, or so wiki says. Gotta love the name tho :D Thanks!

  26. Ping, OOOPS, so Lucy is the rude and improper one here ha? You think I should bar Lucy from visiting your blog? Hope she did not offend your other readers. Luckily is not Quay Po. hahaha. XOXO

  27. QPC: Good grief! No, no, that's not what I meant at all! I meant I love the openness and how you speak the obvious (not saying that everyone else isn't - gosh, I think whatever I say isn't going to be right). Let's just say, I love whatever it is that's commented. The fact that anyone even bothers to read my stuff and not bar ME from blogging is a great big bonus for me already! And, yeah, we can always blame our alter egos for our booboos. :D
    Not barring Lucy, she's always welcomed with open arms!

  28. ping, no need to be so serious... of course I know what you mean. I believe you when you said you like my openness and that is what I liked about you too. I am just pulling your leg lah. hehehe I am so addicted to your blog now, if I don't come visit, I feel like I miss something that I did not do for the day. I am not kidding:D HUGS

  29. QPC: *Phew*! Thank goodness. I know I'll miss you terribly if you don't come by. Your comments and Lucy-ness always make me laugh. Hey, this is a good addiction, is it not? You've really made my day by saying that. Thank you. Bear hugs back ... ouch.

  30. Ping.... seriously. This is another must try from your site. You are on it - always. I am sorry its taking me forever to catch up on blog posts from my foodbuzz inbox, but this one is being bookmarked taste test myself!

    1. Hi Kita. Thanks so much. Hey, no worries, I know you're up to your ears lately, what with sis' big day and mascara goo all over :D Don't sweat it. I'm happy you like this and that you tried out my English Muffins. That was certainly a nice surprise.