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Sep 4, 2010

One Ingredient Ice Cream

Yup, you read it correctly!
One ingredient ice cream! Strange as it may sound, it works! And what is this miraculous ingredient? Wait for it ....... Bananas!
When I first came across this recipe, well.... actually there were many of these recipes posted.... I was intrigued. I just had to try it out to believe it. And a believer I now am.
The taste takes a little getting used to. Depending on the type of bananas you use, there'll be a different degree of grassy aftertaste. This can be remedied somewhat with a little honey and vanilla extract or rum. Or, like most recipes, it can be tweaked by mixing in some fresh berries. Some posts even add peanut butter to it, but you really can't run away from the banana taste. But, how healthy is that!? Thumbs up to the person who discovered this. I can have all the ice cream I can eat without the guilt.
It's better to eat it immediately as it doesn't do well re-frozen or when it gets too soft. Whip and eat, that's the way to go.
This didn't go down so well with my husband tho, he likes the 'real' thing. 'Real' being the artificial flavorings and egg powders etc, used in commercial ice creams.... yeah... real.
Anyway, you just gotta try this, just to know how amazing it is. Kinda like a lab experiment. Eureka!
If you don't like it .... oh well, it was fun.
PS : Since I couldn't finish all of my ice cream, and my husband won't eat it, I blended it with some fresh milk and, VOILA, banana milkshake. No waste.


2 - 3 large ripe bananas, sliced and frozen.


Place frozen bananas into a food processor. If bananas are frozen solid, allow to thaw a little ( but still frozen ) for easier blending.
Blitz processor until bananas turn into ice cream consistency.
Eat immediately.


Peanut butter
Frozen strawberries
Vanilla extract or other flavorings



  1. Oh really? I will try this! I still don't have an ice cream maker so I'd love an ice-cream that can be made without it! And of course I love the simplicity of your ice cream. I even love the colour! So natural! Not sure my hubby would like this either, he prefers "real" things too :) one of those real things being frozen French fries :D

  2. P.S. I just thought you might also like the 2-ingredient ice cream made with just honey and cream:
    I've made it a lot of times and it's fabulous! Creamy and sweet, and no "real" things added :D

  3. Alina: Hahahaaha ... men! Will definitely check out your 2-ingredient ice cream. Maybe can get my husband to finally like some natural stuff. Thanks!

  4. Ping you're genius!! I'm eating this ice cream right now. I would never tell it was made without cream, it's so silky and smooth! I'll try adding some flavourings next time - for now I'm just enjoying the only ice cream in the world that can be made in 1 minute!!

  5. Hi Alina. I'm so happy you like this! Now I can tell my husband there's another person who does. He claims no one's going to like this "funny-tasting", "too-natural" ice cream.

  6. Hi Ping! Thanks for the comments on my blog. :D Anyway, I made this. Mine was a more yellow color than purple color. I guess we used different bananas. I've also done the peanut butter variation as well. My cousin liked the peanut butter one better. I'm thinking of doing a nutella one too! Who doesn't like chocolate and banana together? I love how it's so natural and healthy too!


  7. Hey Amanda! Gosh, it does look purple, doesn't it? Maybe it's some reflection of the bowl and also I think my bananas oxidised some ... I should have squeezed some lemon juice on it. Yup, still gotta try the other variations ... haven't gotten bored of plain-ol' yet. They sound great tho esp the nutella version. Yum!

  8. It's soo good. It's so creamy and HEALTHY. although, i have a terrible food processor, and it sort of exploded on me. :( but so worth it though :D

  9. Amanda: It blew up on you?! Good grief! You didn't have to scrape the ice cream off the kitchen walls, didja?