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Jan 21, 2015

Sandwich Maker Tofu with a Zesty Miso Dip

This is an amazing idea!
You just gotta try it out. 
I’m not writing particularly about tofu. I mean, seared tofu? Pffft!!! Anyone can do that. 

I’d seen this idea floating about on the net a while ago and it inspired me to sear some tofu to go with this amazing, tangy, spicy, sweet, sour, zesty, all-textures dip that mum used to make. Brought back a ton of memories…

Anyway, the dip calls for a Chinese fermented bean paste (tau cheong) quite similar to miso. I didn’t have that paste, I had miso. Miso it is. And I think from now on, I’d stick to miso. It’s just so good!

Right, the tofu. 
Everyone has a waffle iron/sandwich maker, right? No? What? Oh …..
Never mind. Whenever you can get your paws on one….
Like I said, it’s such a good way to sear tofu. 
Or hash browns, polenta cakes, mochi……yes, you read right. Mochi. Those gooey little things. It gets crispy on the outside and still soft and gooey on the inside. Yummers!  I’m sure there are more stuff that can be done with a sandwich maker besides a grilled cheese sandwich. Get creative, peeps!
There’s very little oil used too. And it makes a more even shade of sear.


Firm tofu, cut into wedges or whatever shapes that’ll fit your sandwich maker
oil for brushing or spray

Dip: (This is just a guide. Adjust to suit your tastebuds)

1 - 2 tbs dried shrimp, toasted (like you would nuts)
1 tbs brown miso
Juice of 1 large lime (key lime)
2 - 3 tsps sugar
chillies, sliced


Mix all of the dip ingredients into a small bowl except the toasted shrimp.
Stir to mix until sugar has completely dissolved. Taste and adjust accordingly.
Stir in toasted dried shrimp just before serving so that it remains crispy.
Leave aside.

Brush or spray the sandwich maker plates with oil. Place the tofu wedges on, cover and let the gadget do its work. When done, check to see if it’s browned or golden enough to your liking. Otherwise, cook a little longer.
Remove and have it warm with the dip.

Makes a great appetiser.


  1. Hai Ping... How are U?? Is tau cheong same with in Indonesia Tauco?? this dipping sauce seems great for me, not only for tofu but maybe with vegetable sping roll?? *hugfromme

  2. Hi Citra! First things first ... *HUG*!!
    So nice to see you again.
    Yes, I believe tauco is the same as our tau cheong. It will give you a stronger flavor than miso. I've grown to favor miso since. But the original ingredient was tau cheong. U might need more lime juice with that.

  3. What? Sandwich maker? Put tofu inside? Are you genius or what, eh? That's brilliant Ping! Geez...who would have thought! I actually do have a sandwich maker which is a hand-me-down from my auntie. It's somewhere in my store room so that would have to wait for a day when I have enough strength to go in there for a treasure hunt. That dipping sauce is very unusual, I mean I haven't had anything like that before. I'm sure I would like it as I like all those ingredients.

  4. I don't have firm tofu, I don't have dried shrimp, I don't have brown miso and I don't have a sandwich maker. But I have oil for brushing, and sugar. Your recipe is useless to me, at least you tried.